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We are not ourselves to own, but for God alone

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Personal Viewpoint
October 17, 2015

Songs from the 80’s that changed the way we live today.

The art of music is one of the most appreciated and celebrated arts in the world. It is unimaginable to live without music for the centuries gone and in the…

General Information
October 13, 2015

Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology

Several conversations with my friends over the years have revolved around the theme of ‘Wow! What did people DO before such-and-such technology?!’ As technology has advanced to give us ever…

Personal Viewpoint
October 12, 2015

War Room Feat – A Blueprint For Faith-Based Movies

Is it ok to say, 2014/2015 has been growth year for faith-based movies by the outcome of box office ratings and tons of positive reviews its getting.┬áIt is also true…