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Pedro a bench player on Barcelona’s X-men: First Class Team Sold for 30M Euros

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pedro-pedritoIt’s confirmed, signed, sealed and delivered. Pedro Eliezer Rodríguez Ledesma, aka Pedro, Pedrito officially signs for Chelsea FC as confirmed on their twitter account today @ChelseaFC is delighted to announce the signing of @_Pedro17_ from Barcelona:  

Pedro is one of the X-men  of Barcelona’s attacking gladiators. Comes off the bench in more games, and looking to be regular starter for Chelsea FC. Its a known fact that most bench players don’t get much value when it comes to transfer fees and what have you, not in the case of the catalonians. They have a deep bench of players who will arguably be reliable starters of any team in the top leagues. Pedro is a testament to that and this goes a long way to show you why Barcelona stands the chance to win year after year, even after winning more national and European trophies than any other club in recent years.

He reiterated this with his comment earlier today,  per Chelsea. “I am very happy to be here,” he said. “I am very excited to start my adventure at Chelsea and I am here to keep winning titles. Thanks to the club and the supporters for giving me the opportunity to put the blue shirt on.”

Chelsea FC has a history of going after players and getting them at all cost, Manchester United not really. After getting close to signing the player, lost him to a late arriving 30M Euro bid from Chelsea which was not Pedro’s first choice but according to him a phone call from Jose Mourinho, Chelsea’s head coach does it for him. In closing, my personal opinion on this is Barcelona has built a great team regardless of Pedro’s departure.

You can argue about this and recent lack luster performance of their backline, yet my personal viewpoint is that Barcelona is the X-men: First Class team of European Club Football.
According to Telegraph UK “They are technically peerless” – they boast dazzling technical polish – a rare combination. No side passes the ball more often, or more accurately, than Barca, proving that the principles of tiki-taka are still alive and well in Catalonia, even if – as Guardiola always maintained – their football never lacks purpose. Barca’s squad might be studded with stars but the team spirit appears to be surprisingly harmonious.

Personally, am a Real Madrid fan, but I highly respect Barcelona as a team, so be rest assured my views and opinions are not based on sentiments, just a personal opinion.

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